ECIR Case History

This is the location for uploading case histories and photos of horses with, or are likely to have PPID/EMS



Your equine's Case History is the most important step to be completed upon joining the ECIR Group. 

How you fill out and post your information directly impacts the speed and quality of help you get from the support team. 


Even if you are a long time member, migrated from Yahoo, before uploading your Case History, please read all the wiki pages marked with a red Asterisk.  The uploading instructions within the new form will show you the new protocols for uploading. 


Information in our posts and case histories is of tremendous value to all our members and is also used for formal studies. It is extremely important that it be factual. To help protect the data and your privacy only members of the main ECIR Group are granted access to the Case History Group.  If you are concerned about privacy you need only give your first name and general location.  The use of pseudonyms to keep your equine professionals anonymous is encouraged.


Don't delay in beginning your Case History with the information you have. Missing information it can be added as you obtain it. The faster your case history is uploaded, the faster you will receive support from the volunteers. 


A complete and up-to-date case history is invaluable when an equine emergency crops up. Accurate documentation of management changes, the equine's responses, blood work results and links to the equine's photo album not only helps the ECIR Group gain the trust and respect of science-based equine professionals, but can be used by vets who are on the ground trying to help your horse. Your Case History is the best way to effectively monitor and illustrate the results in PPID and EMS management changes. 


When the time comes that you or your equine no longer need the ECIR Forum's advice, please leave your photos and case history folder intact. Your information will be used in the future to confirm or re-shape ECIR protocols and help other members learn.  This is the best way to give back to the ECIR for the help you and your horse have received. 


Photos go in your equine's photo album that you create in the Case History Photo Section.  Please be considerate of the Support Team. Read How to Make a Photo Album for the rules and follow the Naming Pattern for photos so they can quickly locate the photos they need to see.  

Thank you for your cooperation, 

~ The ECIR Group Support Team
   June, 2019






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