Should I keep my concerns to myself?


A friend and I were discussing his horse's front foot pain.  Treatment for the pain is periodic injections in the pastern  area that will cost around $400 per injection.  No X-rays were done.  Diagnosis was made through blocking injections.  
The vet also suggested the farrier make some trimming adjustments before shoeing. When my friend told me his 16 year old mare is never without shoes because he doesn't want to bother with hoof boots and rides daily, I said he may want to consider whether the constant use of shoes could be part of the problem.  Is it possible for a horse to never be without shoes, assuming the shoeing was correctly done, and suffer no ill effects?  I mentioned to him the problem of the weight of the horse hanging entirely from the hoof capsule as it is when the horse is shod, rather than sharing the weight with the sole as is the case when the horse is barefoot.   I'm not sure I'm even right about this and don't want to pass on misleading information.

Lynn and Mica
2011. N. CA

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