Re: Should I keep my concerns to myself?

Josephine Trott

Hi Lynn,

One suggestion - my trimmer heard of these shoes, polyflex,
that make some horses sound even though they've had soundness issues in normal shoes - basically because they are glue on and made of composite material, not metal.  Even if the nails don't 'quick' the horse, for some horses they are uncomfortable - or at least that's what it seems.  I've dealt with my share of falling off hoof boots and can understand your friend's reluctance.  I have barefoot horses, am a big advocate of barefoot is best, but also know of horses that have been shod their whole lives and have been sound.  Up to their mid 30s.  

You might suggest these, or even Epona Shoes (which don't hang all the weight on the walls as do normal shoes. - as possible options to help the horse's pain levels without expensive pastern injections.  I'd think they'd be worth a try.  However, with application of all shoes, a correct trim is vital.

Davis CA 06/09

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