Re: Pergolide - How to get horse to eat it


We have two cushings horses(31 and about 34)  who have been on compounded capsules for a few years.  We put the capsule in a very small amount of Triple Crown Senior and put it in their feed pans.  After they eat that they get their bucket of Ontario Dehydrated Balanced Timothy cubes with about a cup of Stabul I on top of them.  They think they are getting a treat and gobble it down.  Years ago we had a mare who wouldn't eat the capsules, so we took the powder out and put in TCS.  It stuck and she gobbled it up.  I think they are all different, but it will be much easier if you can get them to eat it wihout having to syringe it in. 
Linda in Southern Illinois 2002
Woodrow, Tru, and Dirty

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