Re: Hoof cracks help please.

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Maria,

I've created an album and added the photos:

The crack in the RF is likely due to the previous imbalances. Once those started to get fixed, there just wasn't enough wall thickness left to keep it from splitting apart along the line that was already there. Whoever is doing the trimming now has improved a number of the obvious issues but they will take time to grow out completely. Toe is still too long on that one, heels are severely underrun. There was obvious wall flaring, worse laterally, that still needs to be addressed. The RF is the "low" foot while the LF is the"high" one.

The rings definitely have a mechanical component but I can't tell you if that is the only reason. Do the other three feet also show those rings? If the walls are thin/shelly/don't hold shoes well, there is likely also a dietary imbalance factor at play. Because of the issues he now faces, getting his diet as well-balanced as is possible so that he has all the building blocks he needs to form good hooves will be essential.


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