Re: Hoof cracks help please.

Maria Duran

Thank you so much Lavinia for your time and comments.

Yes the rings are in all four feet but walls and frogs in that horse seems to me very healthy and strong. The horse was perfect before the former farrier and in just 2 months of his work that farrier caused all that damage and imbalances.

So Lavinia please or Dr. Kellon, when you have the time I need answer to these questions:

1- What's the protocol the horse should be doing regarding rest? Stall confined? An open small area where he can walk but not trot? Is he able to take daily walks by hand? How much time each? The owner is being adviced to jump with the horse and do normal work what doesn't seem right to me.

2- Is the crack better addressed with shoes or barefoot? Is the egg shoe appropriate for the crack treatment?

3- How long the new wall should be grown up before he can return to work? He usually jumps and do dressage work combined with rides outside at walk.

4- Would a steep rolling be adviced in the hoof wall area of the crack so that pressure is relieved at that spot and mechanical forces are not pressing over the crack?

I will let the owner know all the advices. He is very open and does whatever is best for the horse so it is easy to help. We are improving the diet.

Oh and you have an awesome eye Lavinia, toes can come further back. I have a pic where it is clear where the new wall wants to grow and it matches what you say.

Thank you so much again.


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