Re: Hoof cracks help please.

Lavinia Fiscaletti

I would say that 6 weeks is much too long a time frame when the toes are still too far out ahead of where they need to be now. I think 4-5 weeks maximum until the trim is exactly where it needs to be. The problem is going to be that with nailed on shoes, you are limited on the number of times you can nail into the same area. Maybe discuss the possibility of doing glue-ons instead so they can be changed out more often  - although the cost gets pretty steep for that route. It really depends on what is happening with the growth - you never want to be playing catch-up.

Cover the wound in some way - use a wound dressing and then lightly bandage it until it has closed up so no live tissue is visible or accessible.

I mean anything more than turnout, hand walking, possibly sitting on him and walking around several months from now. The time frame will depend on how quickly the new, solid growth comes in. Push the work load too quickly and it will fall apart again or become a chronic issue that is always tending to split under the lightest of stressors. I personally wouldn't be even thinking of jumping until it had grown out completely, but that's me.


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