tacks, barium, flat lead wire, play doh


So with the first set of x-rays I had done I asked my vet about play doh in the soles (she said no need to use for dorsal & lateral images) and she only placed a 1" metal piece dorsally on the hoof wall. Having looked at a number of other folks' x-rays I can see the value of better markings. 

I'd like to know what would the reviewers see as the ideal set of x-rays, how can I help my vet to produce  the best possible images? Smeared barium paste could be problematic, some worry about tacks in frogs. What about threading it horizontally vs. pushing it up into the frog? How about this Hareline Lead Wire Spool to go from coronet down dorsal wall and wrap around to tip of the frog?

Debra & Sierra

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