Re: Dark area X-ray dated 24.06.2019 old nov 2018 X-ray

Kath Chase

Thanks Dr K. is RLP safe if Micky is having laminitis flare up.  I don't know unlikely but is possible Local vet says tearing of laminae November  rad . Local vet refusing  to do X-ray despite instructions from  Melbourne vet 
-- my thoughts are infection but am unsure  Melbourne vet thinks infection,  but has requested X-rays from local vet, Daisy picking thinks infection, Pete Ramey thinks solar abscesses  from thin soles. Lavinia thinks infection.  Diagnostics will only show rotation they are not showing previous abscesses,  Your thoughts please appreciate this. Vet coming in 2 hours many thanks. 
Kath & Micky 
Yinnar Australia

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