Re: Dark area X-ray dated 24.06.2019 old nov 2018 X-ray

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Thanks for the update, Kath. Please let us know when the latest rads are up. Good that you were able to get them done in spite of the difficulties.

Thin sole on the RF is not surprising given the trim issues and will certainly make him sore. Coronary displacement only means the coronary band is being pushed/pulled out of place due to hoof wall distortions = trim problems. Fix them and the coronary band returns to it's proper location - sometimes within minutes. If he wasn't walking around, just standing on a level surface will not cause bruising due to thin soles.

Generally, you don't need to bandage the shaved area unless there is an open wound. If you are concerned, you can recover it for another day.


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