Re: Dark area X-ray dated 24.06.2019 old nov 2018 X-ray

Kath Chase

HIi Lavinia, Thanks

Continueing on from last message  you said MEDIAL SIDE WALL LONGER TIPPING HIM ONTO MEDIAL SIDE TOE CAUSING BRUISING??? coming down for past 12months.

I am very confused???  WE HAVE NO BRUISING NOW

looking at new rad  DP which was taken straight remember Mickys right leg has always been slightly crooked. LATERAL SIDE IS LONGER???  November rad DP lateral side is slightly longer too. 

i really appreciate your help, im just trying to find answers,  Yes sole shouldnt be touched i totally agree.  is it it ongoing infection happening here causing distortion why didnt the bone go back with those 2017 2018 relalignment trims? why was micky lame on and off after those trims? many thanks for being so patient with me i know its incredibly frustrsting and difficult for you.

We have tried short toes, why did he keep going lame?

We have had medial laterlaL balance pretty bang on 2017/ to mid 2018 why did he keep going lame and have bruising?

Why didnt the pedal bone go back to correct position 2017/2018 with those trims?

There is more here going on? it looks to me at present Micky looks like he is trying to grow normal grey frog, but is growing hoof wall on lateral side back of frog why is it because he sore there is there pressure there? look at at 2017/2018 pictures his frog didnt look normal there was no central sulcus, it looks like he is trying to grow central sulcus now. if you look at photos 2018 february you will start seeing changes happening in the centre back of the foot where he has bum crack now but bu,m crack now doesnt look as bad will try and get more photos for you.

Kath & Micky 
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