Re: Dark area X-ray dated 24.06.2019 old nov 2018 X-ray

Lavinia Fiscaletti

HI Kath,

Please take a deep breath and slow down a tad.

If you re-read what I wrote, I said the medial HEEL is taller, not the medial wall. That's the sheared heel problem going on. Need to work on getting that corrected. I also said that it might cause bruising if it isn't corrected but that's not something you will know until further down. The lateral heel is underrun, which is adding to the problem by dropping the overall height in the back quarter of that RF hoof. The Nov 2018 rad shows similar situation but the trim was even worse at that point as the medial wall had been allowed to flare heavily (that view was also shot thru the block so distorts the view).

The lateral wall may be a tad too high overall but hard to say for sure as the rad cut off the bottom of the wall on that side.

"why didnt the bone go back with those 2017 2018 relalignment trims?" "Why didnt the pedal bone go back to correct position 2017/2018 with those trims?"

Sorry, don't understand what you mean here.

While technically the medial-lateral balance of the bony column in the rads wasn't too bad, the hoof capsule itself was a mess. Many times, the M-L balance was achieved by "accident" as several trim issues happened to keep the bony column even but weren't healthy or correct for growing an actually strong and solid hoof capsule itself. That weakness in the medial quarter has been there for a long time - that entire wall completely collapsed at one point - and the ramifications from that damage will likely be an issue for a long time due to the extent of that damage. Need to remember that his trims (thru NO fault of your own) were abysmal long before that time in 2016 when it all came to a head. The trim vacillating all over the place on a regular basis now is not helping to move things forward.

There was a point when the toes got taken back correctly and the overall trim was starting to look much better. But the soles kept getting pared away, which meant Micky never developed proper sole depth nor calloused sole/frog. That was a sure recipe for tenderness and bruising. The best parts of that trim also weren't maintained long enough for the entire hoof capsule to grow out from top to bottom so that you had complete stronger attachments and he could gain the most benefit from the improvements.

The frog is much softer tissue than the hoof wall, so any issues with how the walls/bars/heels are growing will displace and/or distort the frog. Both heels are supposed to be even with each other and with the back of the frog. In Micky's case, the RF lateral heel buttress has run forward of it's actual location but the atrophied frog has not. Because of the total collapse of the medial wall, underrunning of the lateral heel, long toes and various other trim issues over time, the entire hoof capsule has twisted medially to some degree. That "bum crack" is because the heel bulbs are underrun, just as the heels are. It will heal, and the central sulcus will become more properly defined, only after the toes get brought back, the breakover gets set in the correct location, the sheared heel issue is corrected. Only after the hoof capsule "stands up" so that all the structures are in their proper relationship to one another and are squarely situated under the bony column so everything is supported properly will you be able to truly see what Micky's soundness is going to be.

That will all take time to correct but all the time in the world won't do any good if the trim doesn't get squared away and maintained optimally at all times. That is the part that has not yet happened in all the time we've been working on this.


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