Re: Lavinia: Help For Hooves Please

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Tina,

Good on you for taking this on to see that your boy gets things squared away. You aren't alone in deciding to follow this path - many members of the ECIR Group have done the same thing when they couldn't get their horse's trims optimized. It is quite doable.

Nice job on the pix. I just need you to add a sole plane shot of each foot:

Is Takoma IR and/or PPID? If so, you need to make sure those issues are being well controlled as they will seriously impact his hoof health. Even if he isn't IR/PPID, making sure he is on a mineral balanced diet will provide him with all the necessary building blocks to be able to grow healthy feet. If he is IR/PPID, than all of this discussion should take place on the main group.

While the trim isn't optimal, it's certainly isn't horrible. I do see medio-lateral imbalance (one side of the hoof is taller than the other), long toes and somewhat underrun heels. These are all fairly common and correctable issues. You're right that the hinds are generally in better shape than the fronts - again, quite common. His RF seems to be the most problematic. Have you ever had any radiographs done?

Is he sound? Lame? Somewhat sensitive at times?

 Let's get the basic info figured out, then we can decide how to proceed from there.


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