Re: Lavinia: Help For Hooves Please


Yes, Takoma is PPID and IR.  I had radiographs taken a few times in the past when he became sore on both front hooves.  He has never rotated or sank on any of those occasions.  The latest radiographs are from September of 2018, when it first became suspected he was PPID, and was laminitic.  I will try to get those uploaded this weekend.  
I will get pictures of the sole planes tomorrow and will add them to the photos.  
Takoma has had sore hooves on and off since September 2018.  He is currently sound only in boots with pads.  
His diet has been balanced using FeedXL, but I am willing to have an ECIR person do this too.   
Thank you very much for answering my post.  I will post my message to the main board once I upload the sole plane photos and radiographs.
Tina and Takoma

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