Re: Soft Ride Pad ok?

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Joella,

If she has ground parallel CB, then leaving the wedge in place is good as it will supply some added height to the back half of the foot. Whether the frog support is a bonus or not is something you can assess once you have the boots and see how she feels about it. Remember to bevel the new boots well as well as the actual hoof, both at the toe and across the heels.

Unless she has excess sole depth in the front half of the foot, DO NOT shave anything off the bottom to assist in changing the angle as that is adding another problem to the mix - thinning already too thin soles. The bruising sounds like it is an indication that the sole depth isn't optimal at this time. Keep the toes in the correct location, make sure there is a good bevel to ease breakover while you allow more height to develop in the back half of the foot. If the heels are run under, just ignore that aspect for the time being except to lightly keep them from becoming more underrun during this time.


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