Re: Do multiple rings = multiple inflammatory events?

J Foust

Ok, that helps.  Thank you. 

She had laminitis in July and hasn’t been right sense.  After shedding sole 2x the sole is now thin and she’s always positive to hoof testers.  If she’s not in softrides then she’s not willing to move around enough to keep from stocking up.  She’s not insulin resistant or ppid.  But I feed her an insulin resistant diet except for a cup of wheat bran to get the supplements down.  

The only thing I can think of is up the j-herb and hope she grows enough sole to make her comfortable.  Not sure what happened.  She had smooth walls & was always sound  before July.  I let her out to play, probably brused her feet thundering around, got laminitis and now I can’t get her sound and she’s having multiple something happening.  

Terribly  frustrating!
Joella Foust 
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