Re: Pete Ramey DVDS

Trisha DePietro

Hi Mary. I did not use videos or books to learn trimming. Because of my learning style, I needed hands on and visual learning, so I attended 5 weeks of intense classroom and hands on trim days and have dissected hoofs to understand why I am trimming a certain way.... I think any trim video should have an in depth discussion of anatomy and physiology of the hoof, thats my humble opinion. Trimming makes more sense when you know what part of the hoof you are affecting and what you can change and not change. I would think that if you reached out to the Pete Ramey website, someone could let you know the content of the video prior to purchasing it. Good luck! Trimming is a journey unlike any other!!! And when you have the hoof in your hands, it is very rewarding to know that you can help your horse! And it builds a bond of trust....I could go on, but thats not what you asked for :)
Trisha DePietro
Aug 2018
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