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Hi Kirsten! Thank you so much for the input...why didn't i know you had a Paso LOL!. Yes, we just plan to trail ride as well but i also want to exercise him in the arena for his IR etc. I was looking at the ones with the nylon uppers too and it's great to know they are machine washable!! I have to use sleeves with the back feet and pastern wraps with the fronts with the Cavallos but it's primarily more to help with fit than an issue of his pasterns getting rubbed. I like the idea that the nylon uppers conform...I'm going to call them today. Had to find a store here in the US that carries them - there are four here in the U.S.  Equine Fusion has also introduced the new Ultra All Terraine and the new Ultimate and All Terrain jogging shoes which supposedly have been improved on in a number of
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