Re: Hoof pics and xrays

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Erika,

Was Robbie's blood work run on fasting samples? The first set of results had him as compensated IR. Sorry, there is no indication in his history as to what the circumstances were.

The rads and pix show toes that are somewhat too long, soles that are thinner than ideal and underrun heels. His HPA's are broken back, which is going to put continuous tension on his tendons/ligaments and all joints above the foot. Coffin bones are all ground parallel.

Are the radiographs dated 12-01 from Dec of 2019 or from Jan 2020? It looks like there was bit of a transposition of numbers when they were labeled.

If putting him on grass results in foot tenderness, it isn't recommended that he go out on grass (I know, difficult situation).


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