Re: Shakira: Hoof Pics and XRays


Hi Diann,

Yes, she lives on property with my gelding and sees me 3x a day for meals + any trips I make outside to visit her or the other horse.  I try to clean her feet every day to get her used to having her feet handled and to keep the mud out of her frogs/give them a chance to heal and grow and try to get a halter on her, brush her, do something maybe 2-4 times a week depending on what work allows.

I didn't follow this: "First treat fro serious butt crack infection."  Is that treat the infection she's nursing in most of her frogs?  Currently I try to keep them clean and rinse them with trifectant when she'll let me.  I don't think I could get her to tolerate a soaking boot just yet.  Any other thoughts?  Some days she's very cooperative and some days she wants me to just go away and leave her to her own devices.

I haven't heard of "the water hole rituals".  What's that?

At the moment, her itchy spot is her mane/head/ears, and as long as I don't anything with me, she will sometimes ask for scratches if I'm out (eg. if I go out to check fences) and she's particularly itchy.

Thanks and take care,

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