Re: Shakira: Hoof Pics and XRays

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Larissa,

Thank-you for taking this one on. This girl is lucky to have been placed in your care.

No way to know whether she is IR or not unless there has been blood work pulled on her. Being an Arab does make it more likely. It is something that would be a good thing to definitively rule in/out going forward so that it doesn't inadvertently become a problem moving forward.

Certainly a huge improvement in her trim since that first photo - which was just sickening. Still have a ways to go, which obviously isn't being helped by her (understandable) reluctance to have her feet handled. Getting her diet tightly mineral balanced would have major benefits for her as it would make sure she has all the necessary building blocks to grow better quality horn. In the files on the main group is a list of people who do mineral balancing:

Getting the mechanics tightened up is also going to be a factor. You're still dealing with long toes, underrun heels, likely thin soles. The front feet HPAs looked to be in relatively good alignment. Hind HPAs are broken back, which means you need to get more height in the back half of the feet relative to the front half.

It would be a good idea to get a new set of radiographs at this point, as the last ones were done in Feb 2020. It appears as if many of the rad views have been reversed, so it would be helpful if they are presented and labeled correctly (this is a problem from when the rads were taken).

It sounds as if trims are only being done at 6+ week intervals, which is really too long an interval to get (and keep) a physiologically correct trim in place.With the pathologies that are still present, a 3-4 week schedule would make more sense: less correction is needed; less stress on Shakira as the sessions are shorter; maintain better connections as they aren't allowed to be damaged by imbalanced overgrowth.


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