Hoof abscess - burst and now horse lame again

Karen Hocking

Hi all

My horse had an abscess burst through his heel about a fortnight ago - vet came out the day before because he couldn't walk, antibiotics, poultice and bandaged. It burst through his heel bulb that night and the bandage/poultice was kept on for a few days to try and drain as much as possible. The bandage came off about 8 days ago, I cleaned with epsom salt solution, and sprayed with antiseptic. (He has thrush from the recent rains and half the frog has come off in that foot as well). He had been going fine until lunch time today - he was a little hard to clean his feet out yesterday after I took him for a short walk (just with halter and lead, I didn't ride him and we only went about 1km) and didn't want to put all his weight on that foot. At lunch time today, he was lame again on that foot  - I'm guessing another abscess or the previous one hasn't drained completely? I haven't really dealt with abscesses before - what should I be doing to help him?

- Karen
April 2020, Dubbo NSW Australia

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