Re: Hoof abscess - burst and now horse lame again

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Karen,

Abscesses can be miserable. Sometimes they drain completely the first time, sometimes not. The abscess can be a single pocket or more than one separate pocket, which may drain at different times or may get reabsorbed without ever exiting out. Oral antibiotics won't help as they can't penetrate into the walled off cavity that the abscess is contained in. Unless the horse won't eat/drink, resist the temptation to use any NSAIDs as they will slow down maturation of the abscess and actually prolong its resolution.

Soak the affected foot in epsom salt dissolved in hot water, twice daily, then wrap the entire hoof to keep the moisture sealed in. You can slather a poultice like Numotizine on the sole/frog and around the coronary band to help draw while the foot is wrapped. No need to confine the horse to a stall as gentle exercise like walking/turnout is fine and will help stimulate circulation, which will further encourage the abscess to drain.


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