Re: Hoof abscess - burst and now horse lame again

Heidi Wright

Karen, Lavinia,

I am dealing with a similar issue - an abscess that burst out the coronary band and won't resolve.  Still has heat around the coronary band on the lateral side and that heat extends half way down the hoof wall from the coronary band.  He is fairly sound - only shows minor lameness on it but knowing it is still hot I know its still brewing.  

Lavinia, what is your prefered way to wrap a hoof after poulticing?  I have been wrapping thin guaze wrap with vet wrap over it, and then booting him for turn out.  His soles are thin so I always turn out in boots.  Is there a better way?

Also, with a coronary band abscess, have you ever used casting  the lower hoof to "push" the abscess up and out?  

You mentioned that sometimes they just resolve without bursting.  Is that rare?  That would be great if that happened.

Karen, good luck with your horse - it may be a good thing it came out the heel where gravity can help you vs the coronary band like I am dealing with.  Plus my horse HATES to be soaked and makes it very difficult to stand for 20-30 minutes.


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