xrays posted. Looking for treatment recommendations


I've posted recent xrays (May 22, 2020) from my 13 yr old OTTB gelding Red who recently had a laminitc episode following a short trim (7 weeks ago). He is on the diet and currently barefoot with padded boots. Still has a pulse in one foot. Other hooves have settled. He is walking comfortably in his boots. Vet recommended putting front shoes back on. I am hesitant as he was shod consistently up until a couple weeks before the trim that led to a laminitic episode. He was sound on Previcox but slightly off without. He is still on Previcox. His diet has been relatively low NSC for the year I have had him. Now he is on the recommended ECIR diet with low NSC hay. Vet will be back in a couple days to take blood and discuss hoof care. Recommendations are appreciated.

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