Re: Hoof photos for Red. Hoof wall is "peeling"!!

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Agree that the trimming/shoeing has likely been a major contributor to the problems in these feet. The issues are fairly common in OTTB horses. Agree that more frequent trims are definitely the way to go when rehabbing.

Based on the radiographs, he is definitely high-low, with good RF bony column alignment and no excess heel height in evidence. The coffin bone has a nice palmer angle.  It's the LF that is more problematic trim-wise as it has a broken back HPA and ground-parallel coffin bone. As there are no pix of the soles, it's impossible to say anything about what may be happening there.

A Sweeney shoulder is caused by damage to the suprascapular nerve, which runs over the front part of the scapula and provides the nerve supply to two major muscles that support the shoulder joint. When the nerve is injured, these muscles are unable to function normally and will undergo atrophy, which can occur very rapidly. The condition can be chronic or acute. Due to the muscle atrophy, it causes the shoulder to partially dislocate to the outside when the horse weights the leg. The chronic form was common when horses were used extensively for pulling. Now, it is more likely to be caused by a kick form another horse or impact of the point of the shoulder with an immovable object when the horse is in motion - think tree or post. A horse with the condition is unusable until the damage heals, which can take 6-8 months on average.

Overstretching of the DDFT is most likely to lead to tearing/rupturing of the tendon itself. Differences in the muscling of the shoulders of club footed horses is largely due to the differences in way the horse weights each limb and the way each limb is used rather than from damage to the nerves.

Really need to see a full set of labeled hoof pix - with true laterals/dorsals/sole and sole plane shots -  to be able to make a more thorough assessment.

Sorry, attachments aren't supported here - need to put any photos into an album.


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