Re: lameness

Josephine Trott

So when your trainer said Jesse is 'off' was that looking at him on the lunge line or feeling his lameness under saddle?

Also is he getting plenty vitamin E? Just to eliminate general muscle issues

That video is not a good way to evaluate lameness, sorry.  If anything I see him slightly favoring his left front.

Have him trotted out on hard ground in a straight line and get video of that from the side and from behind.  Lunging them in a circle both ways will also help figure it out because they tend to head bob more when the sore front foot is on the inside of the circle.   I know one horse who's lameness was only finally seen when they were lunged on a circle, on a slope, on hard ground!!

I guess the other questions are whether he's on adequan or some other kind of joint support and whether his lameness improves with movement/work (ie arthritis//joint issues) or gets worse with work/exercise (soft tissue damage, needs rest for recovery)?

Davis CA 06/09

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