Re: Common soft tissue injury from pulling a glue on shoe?


Years ago one of my horses pulled a shoe and she injured a collateral ligament on the inside of her fetlock/pastern area, front leg. I had her checked by my favorite "leg" vet. She recovered just fine. After a week of rest the vet had me hand walking her 2xday  for a month. The lameness was noticeable after a few days but the injury takes longer to heal past that period where the head bobbing stops. The controlled walking exercise helps the damaged fibers heal correctly in alignment instead of being a knot of scars. Obviously I am trying to remember how my vet describes the healing process and the importance doing the walking. She was/is a track vet and dressage rider. She helped me get my endurance horse's thru various leg injuries using the controlled, slow exercise with ultrasounds to check on progress.
Bonnie Snodgrass 07-2016

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