Re: Anyone familiar with cellulitis


I'm aware that cellulitis can return & become even chronic so far that's not the case here. What I was interested in knowing is if the swelling from cellulitis could
cause unknown damage to the hock, tendons, etc. and if anyone has experience this or not. I also realize it could be something else unrelated to the cellulitis but
this didn't show up until after the cellulitis. It just got me curious if it was related somehow.

I do plan to talk to my vet but timing is a big issue. I don't know when or what actually triggers the lameness other than it shows up the most when she goes downhill.
I don't think its the trigger and it's a bit random plus it only lasts a day or so. So getting my vet there when she's lame so he can see for himself is nearly impossible. I'm not
sure if he would find something thru flex tests or not if she wasn't lame. Once the lameness is gone, she moves normally. It also doesn't happen every time I ride her either.
One other thing I have noticed is the muscle in the left hind leg isn't "toned" like the right, It appears almost "underdeveloped" in a way. My thought was to continue riding her
and with good exercise to see if there's improvement before involving my vet. The last thing I want to do is waste my money and his time but I also don't want to do more harm.

Kathy in Ohio

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