Cadie emergency laminitis

Vanessa Register


tested hay

Digestible energy .82

Crude protein 8.1

ADF 33.6

NDF 62.1

WSC 9.1

ESC 5.5

Starch .6

Calcium .31

Pjosporus .27

Magnesium .17

potassium 2.18

Sodium .049

Iron 130ppm

Zinc 34

Copper 7

Manganese 64

In Arizona complete with
magnesium 5g
ground flax 4 oz
salt 2 T
sprillium 1 T
Gastro elm plus slippery em dandalion root
marshmellow root and milk thistle lowder

Cadie has PPID and IR
1 pracenda
4 500mg Metforim 

Vitals heart rate 40
temp 99.9

pulse in all 4 hooves not pounding 
no heat in hooves

to treat
j herb

in boots with pads, 
icing hooves 

no improvement

soaking hay

anything I can do?

Vet coming tomorrow 
wants Cadie to have 1 G bute 
so I have ulcer guard
and smaller pen.

with boots Cadie is  shifting her weight.
without boots Cadie leans back In classic laminitis stance.

she has been very stiff for two days and today she started leaning.

cadie just came out of season.

cadie is interested in the things around her and still eating and drinking fine.

thank you,
Vanessa Register
jan 2009
just moved to patagonia AZ

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