Lavinia, I would appreciate help with these hinds!!

J Foust

Hello Lavinia,
I hope this finds you well and doing well!!
I would be grateful for any recommendations you could offer to tweak my trimming job of the hinds.  
Her left loin is always sore.  Stifles and hocks pop.  The left rear right fore seem to have the most issues. I’ve had her ovaries ultrasounded & chiro, & trigger pt, & energy work, & an ovary flush just to make sure, & fascia work, and she’s on CTB & vet exams ... & & ... and the left loin, although much better is still touchy.   She also holds the left hind out behind whenever we hault under saddle. Saddle fit has been checked and checked and checked. I’m thinking it has something to do with that wonky black foot. 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️  So if you can teach me to “un-wonk” it that would be awesome ☺️

This is the best trim job I know how to do.  
I don’t always keep her trimmed up like this as an fyi.  If I knew I was doing the most helpful job possible I would keep up with it better. 
White foot is right rear
Black foot is left rear 
My frustration with the trim is: 
1) the medial walls are tall and steep and the hairline swoops up when the foot is on the ground but when I pick it up it I don’t see what I could take off to help this. 
2) the pastern isn’t centered especially on the black foot. I worry about her joints. 

3) the bar is ugly? Helpful? on the lateral side but I read in one of your posts to leave it when taking off the flare so I did.  
4) I don’t know how often to touch up or what to touch up. 
5) the bottom of the foot looks really asymmetrical. Is that damaging her?
6) the foot tends to think about having a bull nose.  Ugh!  I think the heels could come back more but I don’t think I can back the toe back anymore and it looks like it wants to have a broken angle already. What to do! 
7) I can’t seem to decide if I have medio-lateral balance. I keep looking and wondering and after a time she’s over it and I take her home but I’m never sure about it. 

If you see additional issues please let me know! Any insights you have time to offer would be wonderful.  Have a wonderful evening!! 


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