Re: Footings for turn out area


On Sat, Jun 13, 2020 at 08:33 AM, Susan wrote:
I do notice that I sometimes have to dig small chips out of the areas where there is a bit of wall separation. Does that mean that the crusher pieces that were laid the last time are too small?
Not in my opinion. Gravel is a very effective mulch to hold down weeds. I'd rather focus on no hoof wall separation, whatever the cause.  Green things grow, for which I'm grateful except along the edges of my dry lot, where I spend hours and hours in every season trying to keep the dry lot dry, never with complete success. 

 I don't have gravel everywhere, btw. I have dirt rolling areas where I maintain a sand pile. I do pick up larger gravels in the dirt parts of my turnout, especially after I harrow. I use a fine tine manure fork. 
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