Crooked hoof -now sore - trim advice please


I'd appreciate some advice on my mare's trim. She has a slightly crooked right front foot. She's been like that as long as I've had her.  I bought her at 5, she's now 9. I'm not sure if she was born that way. She has been sore on that hoof a few times since I purchased her for short periods and it was usually following a bad trim. Mostly there have been no problems. She typically has been able to walk over very rough course ground barefoot with no problems. She's never had shoes.

I've been trimming her myself since 2018. There are a few pictures of her hooves just when I started to trim her and from yesterday. For the last few weeks, she's been a bit sore in that hoof. I could tell that she wasn't reaching as far with her right leg as her left. No head bobbing, just short stepping. I can also see her jabbing her toe into the ground sometime. After the recent trim that I did on Thursday, she's been stepping tender on uneven surfaces. I can feel a pulse on that side. She was out on grass for one hour in the morning until about 10 days ago, when it seemed that both of my horses were starting to show signs of laminitis.  They have only been getting hay since then.

As you can see from the pictures, the hoof wall is very straight on the inside and flares on the outside. There tends to be some separation in the hoof wall on the inside in the warmer weather and less in the winter.  The toe of her right hoof will  grow a "ski slope" or "slipper" shape if I don't take the toe back. The shape of the sole from the bottom is asymetrical. She has very straight angles on her fronts, but she is a Lusitano and it corresponds with her steep shoulders.

Originally I was following Maureen Teirney's method, but I find that it didn't provide enough guidance for unusual hooves. More recently, I've been rasping the flare from the outside  to try to get that flare under control.

There is still a bit of hoof wall (maybe 1/4") above the sole at the quarters and the heel on the outside. Do you think taking that down would alleviate some of the soreness? I'm worried that  would put that hoof on more of an angle to the outside than what she normally wears them. She always grows more hoof wall on the outside than the inside of that hoof.  Should I take more of the flare off on the outside?

She may be IR - my vet warned me that this bred is susceptible to PPID. She's still a bit fat, but she's lost some weight since the winter. She's got a massive neck and that scares me for the future. I've posted photos of her hooves and her body in Ella's Photo Album.

Thanks  in advance for any advice,
Susan in BC 2020
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