Re: DSLD Trim Please Evaluate

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Amber,

I know how frustrating it can be to have a horse that is a bit like peeling an onion - every time you think you've reached the center (and your tears are over), another issue rears it's ugly head. There are some tweaks you can implement to try to get his trim to support him more.

Overall, the trim is doing pretty well. Part of the hocks getting straighter is the DSLD. As his fetlocks drop, they will inevitably cause the joints above to open more to compensate. The underrun heels are also being exacerbated by the DSLD as it changes where his weight is concentrated when he lands.

Some suggestions are to bevel all the toes under more so that you creep them back a bit more with each trim. This will also help him to breakover more easily, so places less stress on his compromised ligaments/tendons. Don't remove any sole anywhere, even if it is exfoliating - it will wear itself off. Leave the bars alone except to lightly knock off any parts that are crumbling or breaking away. To encourage the heels to move back, leave the vertical height alone. Ramp the back of the buttress and start using the heel-bar junction as the buttress. Bevel the wall itself in that area out of ground contact. That removes the crushing pressure on the horn tubules, allowing them to stand more upright  See esp. figure 2 and 3 here:


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