Re: cracking hooves

Griffin Keller

Ok, maybe I will do the topical route... and I subscribed thanks Bonnie :)

I will get new hoof photos this week as the farrier is coming (6w this cycle, usually we reset at 5 but kind of at the mercy of other person in the area she comes for in scheduling).  We have had a few issues this go round and had her out twice since they were first put on to fix shoes (RF he was lame due to position of shoe (reset and he was fine), and pulled off hinds (was trying a softer version and had too much flex for his movement apparently)).

His BC is really nice right now since being home I can feed 2xday reliably to make sure he gets everything per day (he can be a harder keeper):
4lbs Ultium, 4oz KIS trace, scoop 60% MagOx, 2000 IU Vit E, 1/4c chia, 8oz Purina Super Sport. 

I started a google album I'll update with more pics since that seems easier than the email route!
Note that pics show sparse grass, but that is just up near the gate and where they eat so has gotten beaten up more :)

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