Re: cracking hooves

Griffin Keller

Hi Ellen,
This is what he has been on since May 2019 and has been doing very well weight wise and energy wise for Endurance. (we tried Sentinel LS before that and he plateaued and stopped gaining before getting to a good weight)

The only changes since last summer were adding the MgOx, VitE and SuperSport due to a PSSM P2/P2 test result in the fall, and the move home at end of this March. 
This is the first time I've dealt with cracking this bad on him at any time of year ... Oh, and a new farrier since March2020 too. She is coming out today, so will get pics of him cleaned up after the trim, before his composite shoes go back on.  I feel like his RF got super long, so I've asked to reduce our time between for the next cycle if she can get the other local person to agree.


Jan 2018, Charlottesville, VA

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