Re: cracking hooves

Griffin Keller

Thanks Lavinia, I guess that statement was a little too broad there!
He has a damaged spot on two hooves (medial side of RF & RH from an injury) that usually will chip a little.  But I never have had the toes do this before, and really did not notice any cracking until this cycle when we started having issues with the shoes... First, he was lame on the RF a mile into a trail ride within a week after due to the set of shoe causing toe pressure is what we finally figured out. Reset it and all was good! Then he ripped off the hinds 2 weeks later, so we put the "middle" shoe density that we used previously instead of the softest one (was trying out to see if they helped grip on grass).

1st thing of course is that I will be working to get him on a tighter schedule and discuss with her today.

Per FeedXL his diet is pretty balanced, using generic grass for our area - but I have been debating testing this pasture; sounds like I need to do so and see if something is way out of whack here with the grass (plan to lime this fall).
He did have blood work run this spring (Chem panel, Vit E & Selenium level check) and all came back good.

The farrier thing is a nightmare honestly...we are on #4 since I got him in 2018.  He actually did really well last year in the composite shoes, but the trimming was letting his heels run forward and the direction given by the vet to the farrier was not received well (farrier was at appointment) so we had to find someone else (again). 


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