Re: Monty's trim

Collaeyn Hazen

Hi Lavinia,
Thank you Thank you Thank you!  This is great to see visually what his feet *should* look like end-state,  and what is OK to remove.  I've lost so much riding/fun time with Monty with his feet issues, hopefully we can move past that with correct trimming.

I have Easyboot clouds for him to go into after today's trim, for extra support.

  1. Question for you - Up until now Monty has been in scoot boots, and since he had soreness in June, he has had Equine Fusion pads in them.  The Scoot boot tread has a lot of give under the center of the foot...I'm not sure if having more support around the perimeter of the hoof is contributing to the sinking in the middle? Or is the sinking more related purely to trim/hoof form? The scoots have been nice since they drain so well and he's been in them 24x7 (he lives out 95% of the time- only in for horrible weather).  I could try some form of Easyboot once he doesn't have the flared walls, they don't work with flares very well.   Hopefully someday he can be boot-free for turnout but I know we have a way to go.
  2. Second question - I was reading a lot of posts here re: Jiaogulan, and particularly an article by Dr. Kellon on the Uckele website.   My vet was here in June, he wanted Monty on isoxsuprine for increased blood flow to his feet. Is Jiaogulan something I should consider instead of isox?
  3. My other TB could use some help with his feet. They aren't as bad as Monty's but the heels are really... underdeveloped...? Can I request a trim eval for him? I would be happy to pay for an eval service.

    With sincere appreciation,

    Collaeyn and Monty
    Sewell, NJ
    June 2020

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