Re: Shakira: Hoof Pics and XRays


Thanks all,

I had the vet and farrier out at the beginning of June to tranquilize, trim and x-ray.  Apologies that it took me a while to post them and that I didn't think to take them the same weekend.  The x-rays were taken a month ago.  The photos were taken last week.  The x-rays were taken after 80% of the trim - he went back in and touched up her back toes based on what the x-ray showed.

Here they are as a google photo album:

And here they are as a zip if that is preferable for anyone:

My hope is to do a touch up trim with help soon to get her a another week or two on this trim while some local horse friends and I continue to work on her ground manners so a professional can get her a real trim without tranqs ideally.  (But if we have to do another with tranqs, that's what we'll do - health comes first).  She is now to the point where she will let me work with a foot with minimal fuss - she'll let me clean all her feet, rinse them with a squirt bottle, or bang on her feet with hoof pick or rasp for the most part.  She will also put her front feet in a hoof stand cradle (sole up), but doesn't yet cooperate with the hoof stand where she stretches her foot forward (and her sole rests on the stand).  For a stranger, she will now allow them to clean three of her feet with minimal fuss, but is protective of her front left.  (It isn't terribly surprising that her left front would be the last holdout.  Her previous situation was sufficiently restrictive that she physically couldn't bend to the left in February, so she's always protective of her left with strangers, and her left feet are more painful than her right).


Thanks in advance!

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