Re: Monty's trim

Lavinia Fiscaletti

You're welcome.

Use whatever boots fit him well and he is comfortable in. That will change over time, as will the pads that he finds most helpful. You want pads that will conform to all the nooks and crannies on the bottom of the feet so that all the weight bearing structures are engaged - not just the walls. This will distribute weight bearing across the entire bottom of the foot, engaging all the parts in cycles of pressure-and-release as the foot moves.

Isoxsuprine is poorly absorbed by horses when administered orally so is fairly useless. Jiaogulan actually works to increase nitric oxide production, so it increases circulation.For best results - feed on an empty stomach, twice daily. Dose is to effect. See the file on the main group:

Sure, I can help you with your other boy as well. Just send me a PM.


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