Re: Crooked hoof -now sore - trim advice please


Ella was moving better and looked sound until yesterday, when she came up lame again. In the same hoof - right front. Yesterday morning she was barely putting any weight on it. I put her in hoof boots and packed them with a poultice. She moved comfortably in the boots, but when I took them off in the evening she seemed  more sore. This morning she's moving a bit better with out boots on, but not completely sound.

This morning she has a small spot of blood (and a tiny hole) between her ankle and coronet band at the back of her leg - above the frog. The blood is in that little indentation above the top of the hoof - not at the hairline. I've never seen a abscess break out that far up. There is no pus. Is it possible for abscesses to come out there? If in fact that is where an abscess is draining, I imagine it will be difficult to get it to drain completely since it's above her hoof. Should I put a poultice on her ankle?

If it was an abscess causing the lameness a month ago, is it possible that the same abscess can get better and then come back again? I didn't notice anything rupture last month and can't find a hole, she just slowly seemed to get sound. I assumed it was something with the trim that was making her sore. Lastly - could the way  she's trimmed be causing abscesses due to a mechanical reason (ie the way she's landing)?

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