Re: Crooked hoof -now sore - trim advice please

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Susan,

Sudden lameness on only one foot is the classic presentation for an abscess if there is no injury to that foot/leg - swelling, wound, puncture, tenderness higher up the limb.

An abscess will break out thru the easiest path possible. Where that is depends on the location of the abscess. They can drain in one, quick event or take a prolonged time, sometimes in a drain/stop/drain again scenario. An abscess can be one pocket or more than one, which will take longer to resolve. Sometimes they start to drain, which alleviates the pain, then seal up before draining completely.

Soak the foot in the hottest water the horse will tolerate + epsom salts, a couple of times per day. You can also make a wrap with wet cotton soaked in epsom slats, then cover it in plastic to keep it moist. Cover the whole thing in a boot or a diaper with duct tape/vet wrap to keep it in place. The idea is to keep the foot soft to provide an easier path for the material to get out.

Movement is also helpful as that provides pressure to squeeze out the trapped material - not forced movement, just allow the horse to move on its own.

Unless she's not eating and drinking normally, resist any temptation to use NSAIDs as that will only slow down the entire process and slow down the resolutipon.

Do you have a picture of it the hole?


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