Re: Crooked hoof -now sore - trim advice please

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Jiaogulan helps to increase circulation by helping to increase nitric oxide formation. That will usually increase the rate of hoof growth - which is a bonus IF the trim is tight. If not, it will exacerbate trim issues. It will also generally help to mobilize any trapped materials within the feet, so would help to clear the abscesses. This could mean a period of more abscesses, however, while the clearing takes place.

I know you've been working on getting the trim tightened up. Her hind toes are still too far out ahead of where they need to be, with underrun heels. Fronts are almost there (yay!) Lateral heel on all four is still flaring outward, although improved from what it was in 2018. Lateral wall on LF, RF, LH are flaring but the RH has the medial wall flaring.


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