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Griffin Keller

so we've been struggling with shoe placement with the "new" (as of March) farrier the last few cycles.  (I'm using composites - Blue Pegasos nailed on)

He will turn up lame if it is not 'perfect' for him up front.... first time was at the end of May, he came up lame a mile into a fun ride (after looking fine in the pasture) on his RF.  She came back out, hoof tested and found nothing. Took the shoe off and he was good.  So, she thought maybe she had it set in a way that caused too much toe pressure for him.  Reset and all was great for the next few rides on the front, then he ripped out the hind nails so she was out 2 weeks later to fix those. 

Next appointment was the one you see pictures after 6 weeks from my initial post (and he had two clean up trims with the shoe resets) and I was concerned about cracks.  I took him out for a ride a few days later and he came back intermittently lame on the LF at a trot.
She returned again, this time with another "specialist" in consult to perform leverage testing on the fronts.  He did react and show that toe pressure was an issue on the LF...pretty neutral on the RF.  They trimmed his fronts again and reset shoes based on that info - took him for a ride the next day and he is lame on the RF again, and now back to lame in the pasture...he was choppy, tripping and foot sore/avoiding rocks that ride which is all very unlike him. I am waiting to hear when she will be able to get to us again.

I've pulled out of an Endurance ride we were supposed to be at this weekend... Pics I took last night the fronts now look bullnosed to me (posted in google album).  Do I need to find a new farrier again?  I switched in March because the previous farrier wouldn't trim the way the osteo vet said (heels were continuing to run forward) but she did have him moving nicely and we never had these shoe issues or lameness problems...
I'm about to say pull the shoes and let him reset, and hope that I we can figure this out for the next hopeful ride for us mid-Sept. I have some Scoot Boots for him to use when we are in more rocky terrain; he used to be a pretty solid barefoot horse on gravel and not mountain type trails - now not sure what I'd have.

Pasture analysis has been submitted. Soil hopefully this week if I can manage getting out there to dig around the heatwave.  I noticed event rings on him which I discussed with the farriers; looks to coincide to the timing of bringing them home and spring shots in mid April?


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