Concerned about hooves. Pics.

Cindy Giovanetti

I just added hoof pictures to Oden's photo album.  Also his case history is up to date.  I also have a video of him walking just after the trim if I can figure out how to get it in the album.

In his last trim cycle, he wore a straight line across all four toes.  I think he did it a bit in the trim cycle before as well, but not this obvious (not this alarming).

The trimmer said this is due to flair.

No change in trim or trimmer.  He did go about 7 weeks between trims the last two cycles (normally does fine with 6 weeks); but the trimmer couldn't get out sooner for some reason.  I asked him to try to get to me more frequently in the future, but we'll see.

Oden's on a new track, but the track has been growing slowly, so it wasn't a sudden change. Virtually no other work.

He also went off his feed maybe six weeks ago, and I had to drop all meds and supplements and add some other feeds to figure out what the problem was. 

He normally eats only Triple Crown Balance Cubes.  When he went off his feed, I used Nuzu Stabul 1, Cavalor Fiber Force, and Green Meadows Equine Balance to get him back on.  (I was afraid it was the cubes that he was refusing, but it wasn't.)  So he's largely back on Triple Crown Balance cubes and the normal meds (Metformin) and supplements now. 

He has come up mildly lame after his last several trims.  I put him in boots, and he's OK in about 5 days.  

What am I dealing with here?  Thanks in advance.
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