Re: Concerned about hooves. Pics.

Cindy Giovanetti


As expected, my trimmer was outraged and insulted at your critique of his work. He said Oden’s hooves are most definitely not underun, and you are a charlatan.

Can you direct me to any online instruction that he might respect? I mean, I plan to google myself. But if you know of a source that a trimmer would regard, that would be best.  He pretty much only respects Pete Ramey and Jamie Jackson.

I know it’s easy to say “Time to get another farrier,“ but that is not something to be done lightly. I do believe my farrier is very good if not infallible. (LOL)

I don’t have x-rays of Oden‘s hooves. My vet does not have mobile equipment. Obviously I can go to a different vet if it becomes necessary. It doesn’t seem necessary to me because he’s not lame. His stride may not be perfect, but he’s willingly walking across concrete (which he will not do if he’s sore).


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