Re: Concerned about hooves. Pics.

Lavinia Fiscaletti

No problem, Cindy.

My goal is to try to provide owners with information they can use in discussions with their hoof care providers. If everything was going perfectly on the hoof care front, my assumption is that the owner wouldn't be looking for input.

Even if the horse is laminitic, a physiologically correct trim doesn't consistently make him lame(er) every time. If it does, then there is something wrong with the mechanics for that horse that need to be addressed. Accepting the lameness rather than rethinking the strategy used makes the situation about maintaining the hoof pro's comfort rather than that of the horse.

A great many of the people on ECIR have been in the position of having to question the situation with their hoof pro and the need to make changes for the sake of their horse's comfort. Some have been able to work in cooperation with their current professional, many have not. Not easy either way.

If you choose to look for a new hoof pro, look at the feet of horses you see in your area. When you see ones you like, ask who does the work. If you contact someone on a recommendation or from a list, ask for references then follow thru on contacting the references and seeing the work. Or ask to see current pictures of that person's work - pretty easy to do these days, with cell phone cameras being so prevalent.


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