Re: Concerned about hooves. Pics.

Patricia Evans

Hi Cindy,
It's VERY hard to change from a long-time trimmer. I had a trimmer that had been doing my horses for 10+ years that I eventually talked myself into replacing. We actually looked on him as a friend and he helped us do other thing around the farm, so it was even harder for me to make that decision, but I do not regret it a bit. 

I finally changed to a really nice guy that did great with my little guys, but not so well with my big one. When he started pushing for shoes for my big guy, I  decided to start doing them myself. I was petrified I would 'mess them up' but I did them for about a year before my back started bothering me so much that I started looking for another trimmer. I was soooo over paying someone to mess up my horses feet when I could mess them up myself for free. Good trimmers in my area are very scarce, so it's not an easy thing to 'just change trimmers' as my husband likes to say.

Right now, I have a trimmer that is great with my big guy but not so good with the little ones. I'm not sure how that works because all three stand very well for the vet, farrier, etc. and they all have hooves, just different sizes. So, I've compromised - I do the littles and she does the big one. Not an ideal situation, but it works for now. 

If you can start doing your own horses feet it would really free you up from having to depend on someone, but it is a very big responsibility and a big learning curve. At least the learning curve was steep for me. I have all the books I can get my hands on from Pete Ramey, Jaime Jackson and the Under The Horse video series by Pet Ramey, as well as some videos by Jaime jackson. I've read as much online as I can, and there is a LOT of bad, conflicting information out there. Plus, Lavinia is a GREAT resource. It still intimidates me, but I get so angry when one of my horses comes up sore after a trimmer trim but they have never been sore after a trim by me. 

Rant ended! Good luck with your horse. Crossed fingers that things work out well for you! 
North central Florida
July 7 2018


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