Re: Concerned about hooves. Pics.


It is my experience that farriers and vets do not criticize each other
because most of their business is word of mouth. I think telling them
exactly what you want is the way to go. Finding one that listens and
doesn't assume they know way more than you is the challenge. Once, I
was telling a farrier that it was important to leave the frog alone
except for ragged edges and he says, this is how it's done (as he
carved off most of her frog in two quick strokes!) I was horrified and
it did cause her to get sore along with him taking off most of the
callus she had built up at the toe after I explained that she needed
all her sole left on. I found a new farrier after that and was so
lucky to have him...he worked with an area vet on problem horses and
knew his stuff. I miss him but think I've found another good farrier
in our new area who also schedules you in advance so will be timely.
Perhaps ask your vet for recommendations? That's how I found my new
guy. I do some filing between farrier visits especially to keep the
toes rounded for better breakover. Good luck finding the right person!

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