Re: Concerned about hooves. Pics.

Collaeyn Hazen

Hi Cindy,

I have taken the giant step of trimming my own horses now. I was so unhappy with the flaring and long toes and under-run heels that made both of my TB's soles very thin. I gave my farrier mark-ups that Lavinia did, but she didn't really honor them.  So I've taken things into my own hands.  I try to rasp a little bit every few days so it doesn't get to be a lot of wall. I used nippers for the first time last week - just a little on back hooves, but it went OK!  There is another owner on this group who is 60 years old and took over doing her morgans' hooves, she was very inspiring. 

From what I have seen from how my farrier trimmed and from the other boarders at my farm, is that they are trained (I guess) to do the hooves a certain way, and it causes/promotes/perpetuates the flares and under-run heels. The Pete Ramey page and Lavinia's markups can give you a road-map for how to gradually change the shape of your horse's hooves. I'm certainly no expert, I just started my own geldings a month ago, but their feet already look better and I don't have to wait for a farrier. I used to think "after she does their feet they will look better" but they never did.  

Good luck! 

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